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RENT VS. Buying a Home? | Toronto Real Estate

What is the best decision for YOU, rent, or getting a mortgage? I share some advice to help you decide ??

Why YOU Should Sell Your Home (Under 2 Minutes) + Entrepreneur Video Trailer | Toronto Real Estate

Why now is the best time for YOU to SELL Your Home...explained in under 2 minutes for all you busy folks out there.

Why You Are at an ADVANTAGE in Today's Market | Toronto Real Estate

Stop listening to the news!! Despite what media is telling you about the current real estate market today, you are still at an ADVANTAGE if you are looking to buy a home.

Selling a Home...After Divorce? | Real Estate Toronto

Divorce AND selling your home...getting ready for a huge rollercoaster of emotions. Here are 3 TIPS to help you get through this tricky situation.

What to Expect When Selling Your Home DURING COVID-19 | Toronto Real Estate

Things have changed, changed by A LOT in the real estate world. This is what to expect during the "New Normal" when selling your home.

5 Adjustments to IMPROVE Your Credit Score | Toronto Real Estate

You know what they say, an improved credit score = a better mortgage rate. What's impacting your credit score? Check out these 5 Quick Fixes to improve your credit score and will also assist you in buying your dream home in the future.

How Buyer's Agent Can Help Clients during COVID-19 | Toronto Real Estate

Buyer's Agent your clients need YOU, now more than ever during COVID-19. I share with you the responsibilities of a buyer's agent, based on my experience working during COVID-19.

Interest Rate DROP?! | Toronto Real Estate

Interest rates in Toronto have gone down to 2% during COVID. I share with you whether you should buy, sell, or refinance while interest rates are this low.

Tip for First-Time Buyers (During COVID)

Being a first-time buyer can be scary, on top of that being a first-time buyer during COVID is even scarier! Here are some tips for first-time buyers looking to get a home.

My Future Housing Market Prediction | Toronto Real Estate

Here are my predictions on the housing market here in Toronto, Canada. Do you agree with my predictions? Have any to add? Drop them below in the comment section, we want to hear from YOU.

Tips for Selling Your Home During COVID-19 | Toronto Real Estate

Need to sell your home during COVID-19? I got you covered, here's what you can do to feel comfortable selling your house ??

Property Tour | 7460 Bathurst Street, Unit 312, Thornhill, ON

NEW PROPERTY 7460 Bathurst St, Unit 312, Thornhill, ON

Real Estate Market Update for May 2020 - Patterson!

What's new with the real estate market? A Patterson specific market update for buyers AND sellers!

Buying a home during COVID...Why Now Might Be the Best Time | Vadim Vilensky

Should you be buying a home during COVID? Surprisingly, now might be the best time. A brief explanation of how COVID impacts the Toronto real estate and how you could benefit from it.

Successfully Closing a Home During COVID! (85 Littleriver Crt)

We successfully sold 85 Littleriver Crt during COVID! Check out our new services to ensure our clients are SAFE during these times.

Welcome to 741 Sheppard Ave W Suite 514 in Toronto


The Home Buying Process (Start to Finish) | Vadim Vilensky

The home buying process can be a complicated and stressful but I am here to help. Here are 8 tips that will make the process more simple and easy to navigate. Remember to enjoy the process and stay positive!

6 Tips to Manage Real Estate Pressure | Vadim Vilensky

As with any career, real estate comes with its own set of pressure and stress. Lets talk about 6 tips you can apply in your life that will help you handle and manage pressure.

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